NHL – Leaked Emails

Where are people reading the leaked emails?

I read the Bettman, Daley & Shannahan exchange and don’t really see anything out of place.  Bettman talked like a lawyer, because he is a lawyer.  Shannahan & Daley seemed to essentially get the ball rolling on improving the safety of the game. Hockey has actually done things to prevent concussions with regards to the blind-side hits and making the equipment safer.

I think that outside of the Berland-Meagher exchange there wasn’t too much that seemed crazy.  Personally, I don’t disagree with what he said but it comes across as arogant.

This is no way as bad as Colin Campbell’s email that was released late last year.  Campbell wrote: “Let’s face it Mike… we sell rivalries, we sell and promote hate…”

The game at a certain level is never going to be safe and there is too much love internally (from the players, coaches, owners) to simply ‘get rid of fighting’.

Bobby Smith penned an article earlier this month that was supporting fighting in hockey and how it prevents concussions.

There can/should be a way to limit fighting, and their has been.  But as Gary stated, and I believe him, the biggest roadblock is the players (PA) themselves.   Bettman stated in an email, “The current head of the union spent a decade in baseball protecting steroid users over what was best for the vast majority of his players and the game.”  I think that the PA has a huge responsibility in this and essentially getting a free pass.  Why aren’t the players going after their own PA?  When does the PA have safety as their first priority, any other union would.

The NHL has to determine how guilty they are in this lawsuit.  Look at Rypien, for example, he had nearly 50 fights prior to playing in the NHL and 36 while playing in the NHL.  How much damage was his brain subject too prior to the NHL?   How much damage was due to mental health?  How much damage was due to as Shannahan put it ‘pills’?

Remember, you are only looking at emails that are taken from the players POV and then essentially publicized by the media to get clicks on their articles.  IMHO, if this is the ‘worst’ that the NHL has said then I’m not sure what the uproar is about.