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Eric Lindros Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Former NHL Ref

  • Eric Lindros has filed a defamation against former NHL referee Paul Stewart for an article he wrote on the Huffington Post.
  • The article is about his time as a ref and relationships with the players, coaches and even fans.
  • He mentioned an interaction he had with a fan (who had an attractive wife) in which; Stewart replied with “Hey, lady, is THAT the only way you can get to a Leafs game? You know, I could get you better seats.”  (I hope when he said ‘hey lady’ that he did an impression of Jerry Lewis.)
  • I don’t know Stewart but the article depicts him as a petty guy taking shots at; Chris Gratton, Ray Ferraro and of course Eric Lindros.
  • Here’s the details from the Lindros story.
    • Based on the comments I assume it was after a back-back (Feb. 13/14 in 1993) with the New Jersey Devils
    • He said Lindros was in a bad mood because the team was playing poorly and dealing with legal issues.
    • Stewart asked Lindros, ‘Hey, Eric. How are things going? How’s your dad?’  Now we know Lindros has well documented concerns with his parents involvement in his hockey career.  So Lindros’s alleged response is, ‘[Bleep] you. Just drop the [bleeping] puck already.’  He’s a 19-year old pissed off kid, who cares what he said?
    • Anyways Lindros & Reechi are suppose to sign posters for a charity Stewart is involved with but, according to Stewart, ‘when Eric found out they were for you, he tore every one of them up.”
    • And then a grudge was born!
  • Lindros doesn’t like the things written about him and I can understand.  He doesn’t come out of this looking like a great person.
  • So Lindros files a lawsuit for defamation of character and Eric Macramella from TSN breaks it down

Congrats to Joey Moss going into the Edmonton sports Hall of Fame.  

Jays Outfielders

  • Michael Saunders was reported to be out til the All-Star game earlier in the week.  Surgery went well so it’s possible he’ll be back in early April.
  • The depth chart Bautista, Pompey and Pillar is paper thin, so AA brought in 25-year-old Cuban Dayan Viciedo.
  • The weird thing is in a line-up that is right hitter heavy, Viciedo is a right-handed hitter.  He is also not a defensively strong player.
  • Viciedo
    • His numbers went down from 260 BA /360 OBP /436 SLG/97 OPS+ (On average of his two first full seasons)
    • Too 231 BA / 281 OBP / 405 SLG / 92 OPS+ & DWAR -2.4
    • But he killed pitching at the Skydome – .381 BA / .422 OBP / .738 SLG / 4 HR – in 45 Plate Appearances

Russell Wilson talks about the Call on The Players Tribune

Must Read:

Projecting Blue Jays Lineup

I think the Jays have the good basis for a team. I would like them to sign another player or two for the bench.

Here is who I currently have in the lineup and their Streamer (http://www.fangraphs.com/) projected totals for 2015.

Jose Reyes 284/336/412/11/59/641/748
Michael Saunders – 247/328/420/15/59/477/748
Jose Bautista – 267/380/517/36/99/653/897
Edwin Encarnacion – 268/359/35/91/636/873
Josh Donaldson – 264/343/26/83/634/811
Russell Martin – 242/341/17/61/508/ 746
Justin Smoak – 240/324/414/16/52/441/738
Kevin Pillar – 275/311/8/48/427/718 – 15 SB
Ryan Goings – 240/279/329/3/36/385/608


The player I would target is Eric Young.  Young can plays multiple positions (2B, OF), is a switch hitter and is able to steal bases.

Player –  Bats – BA/OBP/SLG/HR/RBI/PA/OPS
Dioner Navarro – B – 264/318/7/29/257/721 –
Dalton Pompey – B – 238/297/6/46/353/650
Danny Valencia – R – 246/288/3/11/100/684
Eric Young – B- 243/311/3/39/352/644 –
Maicer Izturis – B – 256/309/2/21/203/662 – B

The Jays could rotate the DH throughout the lineup to give with the majority of the DHing done by Encarnacion but Bautista, Martin, Reyes & Navarro.  Here are the projected games for the DH/Catchers.

Russell Martin – 95 C / 30 DH
Dioner Navarro – 70 C /
Jose Reyes – 125 SS / 20 DH
Jose Bautista – 130 RF / 15 DH
Josh Donaldson – 140 3B / 10 DH
Edwin Encarnacion – 85 DH / 60 1B

Here would be the projected starts for the infield.

Encarnacion – 60 1B
Smoak – 100 1B
Goings – 80 2B / 40 SS
Izturis – 40 2B
Young – 40 2B
Reyes – 125 SS
Donaldson – 140 3B
Valencia – 20 3B

Here are the projected games for the outfield:

Jose Bautista – 130
Michael Saunders – 110
Kevin Pillar – 90
Dalton Pompey – 90
Eric Young – 60

Obviously, this discounts injuries and slumps by the bench players.  But I think that you would have bench players that would play at least once per week with the exception of Danny Valencia.