Thursday Thoughts … (On Friday)

The Call

  • A couple of thoughts on the call.
  • The call took away what people should have been talking about.  The Left Shark …
  • I feel bad for left shark.  This was probably his/her big moment as a dancer.  They were probably told hey your going to be dancing in Katy Perry’s half-time show,  *Cool, that’s awesome*  and your going to be doing it in a shark suit.  *Um, that’s a lot less cooler and awesome*
  • Now back to the call.  It wasn’t a good call, everyone knows that Lynch should have had a chance.  But I think more importantly it was horribly executed.  If the plan was to use up a play, it needs to be safe.
  • I am not in the category that the coach is an idiot.  Carroll was the best coach the past two seasons.  The Seahawks are a young team and have a good foundation.  Would he like to have that play back?  Hell yeah.  But would he like to have the touchdown play at the end of the half back.  It was gutsy call too except that time it worked.
  • Would it not have made more sense to throw a fade and if it’s not there to throw it outside the end-zone?  Maybe to Carpenter who was having a good game.  I dunno.
  • Regardless of that, the ball should have been thrown to a more secure spot.  Wilson doesn’t get enough of the flack for this.  It was an irresponsible throw. Maybe he could have thrown to the left shoulder, or made the throw to the ground. As bad as the call was it was an equally horrible decision by Russell Wilson.  Who doesn’t seem to get enough of the blame.  What if that were Manning or Romo …
  • Maybe it was just me but it didn’t seem like the receiver really fought for the ball.
  • Let’s also give some credit to Malcolm Butler.  He made a hell of a play.  Butler made an excellent read and had a good break on the route.  Essentially, he was guessing there the ball was going to be thrown.  That should have been a touchdown.  Just a great play!
  • Last, the call took away what is really important … balls!

Deflate That

  • Speaking of Super Bowl and deflated balls.  ‘Deflate That’ was Warren Sapp’s last tweet on Feb 1st.
  • Warren Sapp was arrested on groundhog day for soliciting a prostitute.
  • Sapp seems to have a tough time keeping things on the down low.  I believe he has 6 children with 5 different women.  Most seem to have had to battle Sapp for child support payments (Chantel Adkins, Angela Saunders)
  • Some children were conceived when Sapp was married to his now ex-wife Jamiko Vaughn
  • He’s had financial issues obviously child support, he filed for bankruptcy back in 2012, he stiffed a waitress. for calling his party ‘boys’ and he had to lose some of his 240 Air Jordan’s.
  • Warren was arrested and charged with domestic battery but the charges were dropped.
  • So it should come as no surprise that when officers saw the shadow of Warren Sapp on Feb 1st that it involved him allegedly assaulting a prostitute in a depute over money
  • Three years ago, after the San Diego Chargers gave Safety Eric Weddle a four year contract, Sapp tweeted that the Chargers overpaid and that they paid “8 Million for a safety who you couldn’t pick out of a line up.”  Here’s Weddle’s response.


Speaking of Pricks

  • Everyone in the Oilogosphere has written about Eakins analytics call with TSN listen here.
  • One of the first phrases out of Eakins mouth was ‘he was sold a bill of goods’ with regards to taking the Oiler’s job.  I assume that’s gonna be some pissed off people within Rexall Place.
  • The main focal point of the story, by the Oiler faithful, was when the former Oiler’s head coach talked about the decision to hire internet analytic expert Tyler Dellows.
  • From the Interview; “Bringing in [analytics consultant] Tyler [Dellow] was an interesting process on a number of fronts. Something that caught me off guard, and the first thing that came up in hiring Tyler, was – we pushed hard for it, got it through – was the local reaction from the media. It was interesting, because we announced the hire and immediately we had an email from a journalist to our PR department asking the question ‘Is anyone from the organization going to talk about the hiring of this prick?’”
  • The ‘hiring of this prick’ comment should never have been brought to light.  That should remain internal.  If I have an option of hiring this Eakins prick, I would have to think twice because does he keep things internal.
  • Tyler Dellow can sometimes come across as a prick when he rips apart a writers opinion.  Really, that’s what journalists are opinion based writers.  Dellow could easily do it in a more respectful way.
  • Now, that doesn’t excuse people in the media.  One who constantly gets pointed out is Spector, but he isn’t alone in his thoughts; either other journalists or MSM wrote about him Oilersnation, Edmonton Journal & Edmonton Sun
  • The Analytic crowd have been quick to support him upon his hiring Edmonton Journal, or after the prick comment Oiler’s Nation
  • Who care’s if somebody call Dellow a prick?   If this makes Dellow cry at home then perhaps he should also be kinder on his retorts.  I personally have no problem with him and think that his statistical analysis is/was great.  I think there’s more important things to worry about.
  • Both sides seem a little over sensitive on this topic.  Kinda like Marsha.  Relax have a Snickers.
  • One thing that happened when listening to the interview is Eakins came across as a prick.  The Oiler’s needed to move on from this.

Moving On

  • Kane appears to be heading out of Winnipeg.  After an altercation with Big Buff, missing a team meeting and then getting healthy scratched
  • The Jet’s just placed him on the IR yesterday with an undisclosed injury.  Report breaks that he is having shoulder surgery.
  • Garrett Hohl from Jet’s Nation wrote an excellent article regarding whether Evander Kane is a top six forward
  • Since the 2009-10 season only 61 players have played 200+ games, had .3 Goals / Game and .6 Points / Game.  Evander Kane is one of those players, now granted there are some players (Heatley, Chris Stewart & Mike Fisher) that are either no longer top 6 forwards.  But for the most part these are legit top line players.  Evander Kane is a really good second line player.  Some team could pick him up on the cheap.
  • Kane is a guy that plays 19 – 20 minutes a night.  He plays PP (2 minutes / game) and SH (1:45 minutes / game).  If he’s up for sale on the cheap I think you gotta make a phone call.
  • What would it take to acquire Kane?

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