Thursday Thoughts

NHL All-Star Game

  • I think I’m tired of the NHL All-Star ‘Draft’, it was a good idea but I think the time has come.  Unless they added fans to the experience.  Here’s some ideas;
    • Why not have two guys WIN the chance to draft for their team.  What ‘if two of their sponsors gave two fans the chance to draft the All-Star team.  Like Team Gatorade versus Team Reebok being picked by two random fans of the NHL.
  • Instead of drafting the whole team, you draft the starting lineup.  Then you do the old school,  “Throw the sticks” to fill out the rest of the roster.  Let the fan’s throw the sticks and present him a signed jersey.
  • Another idea the All-Star game should do is have the game outdoors.  I think there should be less outdoor games, but the NHL All-Star game played outside makes sense … at least to me.
  • I’d like the idea, as I believe Friedman mentioned, of a Ryder Cup idea before the season as a replacement for the All-Star game.  North America vs. World in a 3 game mini-tournie in September.  Splitting games between Europe & North America.

MacTavish versus Tambellini

  • I think the main difference between Tambellini and MacTavish.  Tambellini never said a word and MacT doesn’t know how to shut up.

Tyler Myer’s to Oilers

  • I have been wondering if the Oiler’s are tired of the Schultz experiment.Would it make sense to talk to Buffalo about a Schultz-Myers swap?
  • Garrioch said earlier in the year, ” As for defenceman Tyler Myers, the Wings and Ducks have both shown genuine interest along with Edmonton. ”
  • When Schultz was being courted as a free agent one of the teams that was interested was the Ottawa Senators.  Tim Murray was the assistant GM for the Senators during that time.  He was one of the main people the Sens drafting Karlsson.

CHL Top Prospects

  • Travis Konecny had a heck of a game at the top prospects.  He’s just a hockey player, I have no idea how to write up a report on him.  He’s not big, but he has good speed, nice shot, thinks the game well, is a leader (captain of the 67’s) and not afraid to play physical.  I’ve heard reports that he’s like, Curtis Lazar, Pat Verbeek, Brendan Gallagher – I see him more like Mike Richards.  I think he will be an NHL player, maybe not a first liner but a guy that can play in your middle six.  Other players I liked were, Ivan Provorov & Bittner.

MLB Hall of Fame

  • I liked this year’s class of Hall of Fame inductees; Martinez, Randy Johnson, Craig Biggio & John Smoltz.  Personally, I think that Clemens and Bonds should be in the HoF, there shouldn’t be any question, and I think because they aren’t in the Hall of Fame players like Delgado & Lofton are off the ballot before they should be.  I hope to write up why I think Raines should be in the Hall of Fame shortly, but I don’t think that any of the players inducted this year shouldn’t have gotten in.


  • It’s the Super Bowl, and all we are reading about it deflated balls.
  • I haven’t read any deflate-gate articles.  The only thing I now know is that apparently Brady likes soft balls.  Who knew?  My life is better for having now known this.  I can die a happy man.  Me I prefer firm balls, so to each their own.
  • I hate talking about balls.  I’m more of a breast man myself.

Super Bowl

  • I think, this is the first time, since the early 80’s that in back-to-back seasons the top team from both conferences faced off in the Super Bowl.
  • Regarding, Belichick and Brady I don’t want to hear anything about ‘if they win’ … Win or lose they already have their legacy cemented
  • Also, I don’t want to hear the same, ‘If they win’ about Wilson & Carroll – they have a long way to go before they are in the B&B category.
  • I think the Seahawks win the game, I like their defense better and defense wins championships.

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